Naming convention

Connectors are organized by the following values
  • Series name
  • Mounting hole size
  • Number of contact
  • Connector style
  • Contact Gender
  • Others

Connector styles

Connectors can be categorized by two major styles: plugs and receptacles
  • Plug (from a cable insert into receptacles or jack/adapter)
  • Plug with cable clamp for fitting to cable
  • Receptacle, circular bulkhead for attaching onto a surface
  • Receptacle, square flangemount for attaching onto a surface
  • Hermetically sealed receptacle
  • Jack/Adapter
  • Jack/Adapter with cable clamp for fitting to cable
  • Jack/Adapter with square flange mount type for attaching it onto a surface
  • Accessory such as caps for plug or receptacle

Contact Insert gender

There are male (Pin type contact)and female (Socket type contact) contacts.
If you have a male plug you will need female receptacle or jack/adapter of same series with matching size and number of contacts.
Generally, the electrical power side is female in order to avoid unnecessary contact pin exposure.

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