R04 series

These miniature waterproof circular connectors are waterproof up to 20 meter in depth. It is superior quality and miniature size offer design flexibility for a wide variety of applications including small electronic instruments and electro mechanical divices which operate under high humidity condition.

Insulation Resistance: DC 500V 1,000M Ω min.
Contact Resistance: DC 3V 1A 8m Ω max.
Shock: Acceleration 50G
Vibration: Test applied MIL-STD-202-201A
Moisture Resistance: Test applied MIL-STD-202-101D
Corrosion: Test applied MIL-STD-202-101D
Temperature Range: -25 °C ~ +85 °C
Waterproofing property: Withstand water pressure = 2kg/cm (atg)
Type of Coupling: Threaded
Principal parts Shell: Contacts: Insulation
Material Brass Copper Alloy PBT Resin Qualified to UL Standard (Class 94V-0)
Plating Nickel Nickel/Gold --
Series - Style Style description Number
Receptacle (more detail..) Waterproof Circular Connectors Receptacle 12
Plug (more detail..) Waterproof Circular Connectors Plug 22
Jack (more detail..) Waterproof Circular Connectors Jack 22
Cap for receptacle
Hermetic Connectors in this series (more detail...)

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