R28 series

These high density miniature circular connectors are waterproof up to 20 meter in depth. Its superior quality and miniature size offer design flexibility for a wide variety of applications including small electronic instruments and electro mechanical devices which operate under high humidity condition.

Insulation Resistance: DC 500V 1,000M Ω min.
Contact Resistance: DC 3V 1A 10m Ω max.
Shock: Acceleration 50G
Vibration: Test applied MIL-STD-202-201A
Moisture Resistance: Test applied MIL-STD-202-103B
Corrosion: Test applied MIL-STD-202-101D
Temperature Range: -25 °C ~ +85 °C
Waterproofing property: Withstand water pressure = 2kg/cm (atg)
Type of Coupling: Threaded
Principal parts Shell: Contacts: Insulation
Material Brass Copper Alloy PBT Resin Qualified to UL Standard (Class 94V-0)
Plating Nickel Nickel/Gold --
Series - Style Style description Number
Receptacle (more detail..) Waterproof Circular Connectors Receptacle 4
Plug (more detail..) Waterproof Circular Connectors Plug 8
Jack (more detail..) Waterproof Circular Connectors Jack 8

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